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Why HVAC Warranties Are Important and What Can Void Them

One of the areas that NJ homeowners overlook when they are in the process of purchasing a new HVAC system is the full understanding of their limited warranty options. The same often holds true for those that have purchased an extended warranty. Because of their importance to the peak efficiency of your system, NJ homeowners should know why HVAC warranties are important, what might void them and the role of preventative maintenance.

Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the majority share certain characteristics. For example, when it comes to heating equipment parts and supplies in NJ, manufacturer warranties only cover parts. Moreover, this is only honored if a licensed HVAC contractor declares that a manufacturer defect is the cause of the problem.

These warranties usually only cover large system components, not air filters, fan belts, electrical wiring or lubrication. Having a reputable HVAC contractor like Joe Hurley as a partner ensures
that you don’t have to maintain and source these parts on your own. Manufactures have no control over how their products are installed and maintained, so they separate the parts and labor warranties. In addition, most warranties only remain valid if your system is serviced by a certified HVAC contractor. This is where the extended parts and labor warranties coupled with a maintenance plan come in from the HVAC contractor that installs the system.

When combined with the original manufacturer warranty, you’ll enjoy the greatest long-term protection and savings if something goes wrong with the system. scheduled annual tune-ups help you avoid the hassle associated with unexpected breakdowns through proactive maintenance that catches problems early, avoid unnecessary repairs, and keeps energy bills low.

Knowing that you can go to your HVAC contractor and work through your maintenance agreement ensures that you are freed from having to source cooling and heating equipment parts and supplies in NJ on your own. Having the ongoing support of a reputable HVAC contractor  in this way is crucial to eliminating the possibilities of voiding the warranty, which can include:

– Failing to go through the registration process
– Installing the equipment improperly
– Neglecting annual maintenance
– Not keeping proper records, which may be required as proof of installation and maintenance from a credible contractor
– Getting your heating equipment parts and supplies in NJ from an unauthorized source

Whether you’re shopping for new HVAC equipment with a comprehensive warranty or you need to schedule an installation, repair or maintenance visit to keep your current warranty valid if you live in Ocean, Monmouth or Mercer County, call Joe Hurley today at 732.660.1600.