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Taking the Cooling Pressure Off of Central Air Conditioning Systems in NJ

When it comes to central air conditioning systems, NJ homeowners should always look
ahead to ways that they can increase cooling efficiency. Now is the perfect time to look
at different aspects of the house that can make you system more efficient and
potentially lower energy bills.

The attic is one area that can be the source of a number of comfort and efficiency
issues as the summer heats up. Your Joe Hurley specialists can help you determine
whether the insulation is sufficient to keep your current system working efficiently.
Adding the necessary insulation can be a cost-effective way to help your energy
efficiency and cooling comfort.

It’s also a good idea to look beyond insulation to proper attic ventilation, which plays a
big part in controlling moisture levels. By selecting and properly installing attic
ventilation, its possible to better regulate air exchange that can control moisture and
heat buildup issues. The attic will be more able to dissipate heat and “breathe” with the
right combination of ridge, soffit, or gable vents.

Other ways of taking the strain off of central air conditioning systems in NJ is to look at
mechanical ventilation. These systems can further reduce cooling costs by exchanging
hot indoor air for cooler outdoor air (and vice versa in the winter).

if you’re looking at a new roof soon, consider different options that can reflect heat such
as a radiant heat barrier. When installed on the underside of your roof, these heat
barriers can reduce heat buildup by as much as 25 percent. Shading from trees can
also keep the roof cool, but there are aspects to consider such as climate, weather,
safety and the type of species used.

Your Joe Hurley specialists will make ducts a part of your annual or bi-annual
inspection. The goal is to ensure that the ducts are all properly sealed to prevent
leakage into the attic space that can drive up energy cooling costs. Properly insulating
ductwork will also ensure the consistent cool temperature of the conditioned air passing
through them to the vents for distribution throughout the home.

Central air conditioning systems in NJ are part of a wider system that is affected by all
aspects of the home and the environment. Your Joe Hurley heating and cooling
specialist can take all of these factors into consideration to ensure that your system
operates efficiently and cost effectively all year round.

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