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Spring / Summer

Use fans to help cool your home. On cool night, opening windows and using ceiling and room fans can help bring in cool air. This may lower the temperature in your house more quickly than you think. It will also bring in and circulate fresh air throughout the house.

Keep shades closed during the day to block sunlight.

Make sure weather stripping is properly installed and free from leaks to help keep cool air inside.

Ceiling fans should be set for downward flow in the warm months to push cool air down.

Varying the fan speed on your central air conditioning system will also reduce the amount of electricity used. On more humid days, set the fan speed lower, and only raise the speed on more arid days.

By placing your air conditioning unit in a shady spot outside your home, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%.

Be sure your air conditioning unit has got plenty of air circulation and is clean from dirt and debris.

Shade trees planted WEST of your home provide exceptional shade during the later, hotter parts of the day.

Fire up that barbecue or grill and keep the cooking heat outside.

Fall / Winter

As temperatures cool down, make sure your heating system is in working order: Replace your furnace’s air filter with a new one. A clean filter ensures good air flow.

Keep doors shut to the rooms you seldom use – and be sure the vents are closed in these rooms.

Ceiling fans should be set for upward flow in the cool months to move warm air down.

Keep shades open during daylight hours to let the warmth of the sun enter the house.

Repair and replace any damaged or cracked windows, doors and seals, including all weather stripping, caulking and door bottoms.

Have your furnace inspected and tested to ensure it is working efficiently. An inefficient or improperly functioning furnace can raise your utility bills and cause serious health and safety hazards. Read more about air quality issues here ยป

Make sure your attic has at least six inches of good insulation.

Utilize a programmable thermostat, and set the temperature down for regular times when you are not at home.