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Learning About Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation from a Leading Air Conditioning Company in NJ

In past posts, we’ve discussed ways to help your HVAC unit operate at peak efficiency
such as attic insulation. Of course, not every air conditioning company in NJ will bring
up the different options for attic insulation. One of the best ways to accomplish this ta
goal may be through the use of radiant barrier attic insulation.

Most people think about improving attic insulation in the fall and winter to keep the cold
air out, but lack of insulation in spring and summer may be even worse for your wallet
and comfort. On hot days when the sun is beating down on your roof, radiant heat from
the underside of the roof causes most of your attic’s heat absorption.

Radiant barriers are most effective in warmer climates with air ducts located in the attic.
They consist of a reflective insulation product that is usually made of aluminum foil with
a variety of different backings, including plastic film and cardboard. The radiant-barrier
insulation is attached to roof rafters, floor joists, and wall studs to reduce radiant heat
flow, mostly from the outside in, but also from the inside out.

Radiant barriers, however, also help prevent winter heat loss because the majority of
heat escapes through your ceiling and roof as radiant heat. Unlike traditional insulation
materials that slow down conductive and convective heat flow, radiant barriers and
other reflective insulation systems work by reducing radiant heat flow.

Radiant barriers cannot be effective without improving your home’s thermal insulation
through blow-in fiberglass insulation for example that can provide the right R-value
thermal resistant insulation. If installed properly, radiant heat barriers and the proper
thermal insulation can prevent as much as 97 percent of solar radiation and reduce attic
temperatures by as much as 30ºF.

This can result in faster heating and cooling with fewer cycle times, reduced repairs and
potential extension of HVAC life. Not every air conditioning company in NJ is qualified to
install radiant barriers. Your Joe Hurley specialists can perform an inspection to help
you determine if this is a good investment for your home and what benefits it can deliver
to your heating and cooling environment.

Today, your Joe Hurley specialist has the latest commercially available products and
systems that will provide ideal comfort in summer and winter while maximizing energy
savings and efficiency.

To discuss the latest products for your New Jersey home if you
live in Ocean, Monmouth or Mercer County, call Joe Hurley today at 732.660.1600.