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How the Right Air Conditioning Company in NJ can Help Make Decisions on Zoned HVAC

For every air conditioning company, NJ homes are each different in term of their HVAC needs. For many homes, a single thermostat and single zone system will suffice, but for others it’s not enough to properly control different rooms, different floors and different disparate areas of the home. For instance, many multi-level homes have temperatures that vary from floor to floor and room to room. Other factors can be at play such as shading, wind chill, cathedral ceilings, appliances and cooking.

Zoning has become an ideal way to overcome these challenges by providing zoned control via individual thermostats for independently controlled heating and cooling of different parts of a home. This is an ideal solution for homes with large open areas such as solariums or large homes with multiple levels. It also can be effective for rooms with large glass windows, home additions, attic spaces and finished basements among others that may have different heating or cooling needs.

Zoned HVAC systems are designed to divide the home into zones that have similar heating and cooling needs. The individual thermostats react to the temperature changes in the rooms or areas in which they are placed in order to eliminate hot and cold spots. Almost any existing forced air system can be converted or retrofitted for zone control.

These systems work by adding electronically controlled modulating dampers into the ductwork in each zone. A central zone control panel is what communicates with the dampers to open or close in each zone and also communicates with the thermostats and the overall HVAC system. This control system acts as the central brain of the system to regulate the temperature for each zone, and therefore can save energy by not heating or cooling areas of the home where it is not needed.

Although zoning doesn’t affect the efficiency of an HVAC system, it does make the most efficient use of the system. On average, zoned systems can save consumers up to 30 percent off of their heating and cooling expenses. In addition to lower energy bills, HVAC systems that are zoned come with other advantages.

Your chosen air conditioning company in NJ will help to determine if a dual zone HVAC system is right for you and your family by visually inspecting the home and running some tests to check for temperature fluctuations. The current HVAC system is also inspected to ensure that it is correctly designed and installed for the overall home. They will also ask the homeowner a few questions such as if any areas or rooms are infrequently used or if there are family members with special heating or cooling needs among others.

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