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How Energy Audits support Jersey Shore Homes HVAC

For many Jersey Shore homes, HVAC systems are the only factor in whether they are comfortable in summer and winter. The truth is that even the best HVAC system is only as good as the insulation properties of the home will allow. That not only means in terms of comfort, but also more importantly in terms of efficiency and cost savings. It’s important to understand how an energy audit can help you determine what you can do to increase the efficiency of your system and the resulting comfort of your home for the summer, the following winter and each season thereafter.

With winter just a memory and the summer heat at the door, it’s hard for many homeowners to take the time to look back at their heating bills and make an assessment or look back even farther to see what the energy bills were like for the summer that preceded it. Very soon, you and many other homeowners will seek relief from the heat that only comes from your central air conditioning system. You want your system to work its cooling magic not only the first time you need it, but every time you turn it on this summer.

By conducting an energy audit, you may be able to find the source of your high energy bills. According to, homeowners can save 5 to 30 percent on energy bills after making any upgrades recommended following a home energy audit.

The first step before having an energy audit performed by a specialist, is to create a list of problems that you have experienced such as dampness, drafts, or uneven heating. You’ll then need to make copies of your home energy bills or create an annual summary. For most Jersey Shore homes, HVAC energy consumption can be difficult to discern from other electrical charges on a bill, but auditors can provide guidance in this respect. In addition, homeowners don’t always have energy bills readily available, so you can get them from your utility provider that can also provide insight on a more granular look at energy consumption.

If you had your doubts about the original installer of your HVAC system, a Joe Hurley specialist can help you determine if the system was poorly installed and how it is increasing the energy costs. This can be an important step before the auditor makes the inspection. If you’re not familiar with energy audits or how to set up an audit, our specialists can make recommendations and explain more about the process.

The auditor will make specific inspection notes regarding the age of the home, number of windows and doors, size of the home insulation and other aspects that can be readily assessed. This information is added to questions about the way that you live so they can get a good idea of things that can affect the energy consumption in terms of heating and cooling the home.

Generally, when a heating and air repair service performs an energy audit, they’re trying to answer questions like:

  • -At what temperatures do you set your thermostat during the summer and winter?
  • -How many people live in the home?
  • -Is anyone home during the day during normal working hours?
  • -How many rooms are in use?
  • -How old are your appliances?


The auditor may perform door blower tests or thermographic scans in order to gain the most accurate data and pinpoint the causes of your home heating or cooling problems. For instance, most older homes have serious issues with insulation, meaning HVAC appliances have to work twice as hard to heat and cool the home.

Following the audit, you may be provided with some answers to where your home energy is being wasted, as well as some simple and effective solutions. When it comes to Jersey Shore homes, HVAC energy audits and system inspections should go hand in hand, so your Joe Hurley specialist will be a big help in getting you find an auditor and get through the process.

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