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Hot Water Heater Service

It’s amazing how we can take the little things in life, like running hot water, for granted. Issues with your hot water heater are not only inconvenient but they can also put your family’s health at risk or cause more serious plumbing problems down the line. Having regular hot water heater service by a NJ HVAC professional like Joe Hurely will help to ensure uninterrupted hot water heater service for you and your family to enjoy.

Like any other appliance there is general wear and tear that will arise over time with constant use of your hot water heater. Without proper hot water heater service and hot water heater maintenance “general wear and tear” can turn into more serious and expensive problems. Here are a few examples to illustrate why having regularly scheduled hot water heater service is not only good for you hot water heater but for you and your family as well:

  • Sediment Buildup – Small amounts of sediment are normal and are not usually a major problem where hot water heater service is concerned. However, over the years solids that cannot be be dissolved by water can build up and stick to the hot water heater servicesides of your hot water heater or settle at the bottom. If too much sediment gathers at the bottom of your unit, drainage valves can become obstructed, potentially causing water backup or pressure issues within the hot water heater unit. With hot water heater service, sediment buildup can be caught early and cleaned out by your local NJ HVAC professional.
  • Rust & Corrosion – Over time elements like magnesium, calcium and iron can build up in your hot water heater causing rust and corrosion in your water which can lead to unsightly water output that should not be consumed. By having hot water heater service regularly, your local HVAC professional can alert you to any warning signs or issues. During your scheduled hot water heater service, he or she can also discuss any preventative measures you could be taking.
  • Hot Water Heater Installation – If during your hot water heater service you find that your current hot water heater unit is too far gone or beyond repair you can discuss your options for a new hot water heater installation with your Joe Hurley HVAC professional. Joe Hurley HVAC offers the industry’s leading products in energy efficient heating and cooling – You know you’ll be getting a quality hot water heater installation that will save you money.

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