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Forced Hot Air Furnaces in NJ

A forced hot air furnace may be the best choice for your home in NJ. Generally speaking, modern forced air furnaces are reliable, efficient, and quiet.

Approximately 35 million US homes are heated with forced air heating systems fired by natural gas. In 1992, the US Department of Energy mandated that all new forced air furnaces run with at least 78% efficiency, and many newer models have even higher efficiency ratings, some as high as 96%. This translates into lower fuel costs, greater efficiency, and less pollution and greenhouse gases.

Forced hot air furnaces have many advantages:

  • They circulate air throughout your home
  • They utilize a ductwork system that can also be used by your central air conditioning system
  • Many systems utilize natural gas, which, lately, has been the most affordable and cleanest-burning conventional heating fuel available
  • With modern integrated humidification systems, these systems can maintain comfortable humidity in your home
  • Nearly all systems will use an air filter which purifies the air in your home

Any forced air furnace system needs to be properly installed and vented by a qualified professional. Due to health and safety regulations, it is critical that you hire an HVAC professional to determine the correct system, location, and installation details for your home.

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