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This agreement provides a 20% discount on labor for all non-contract repairs.
Priority emergency service for one year at no added cost during normal business hours(8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday).
There will be a $40.00 trip charge for after hours, holidays, and weekends.. Plus $20.00 per hour for labor.
JOE HURLEY INC. will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service hereunder, but it is expressly agreed that JOE HURLEY INC. shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the performance of this agreement.
JOE HURLEY INC. reserves the right to reject any agreement if upon inspection by serviceman, equipment is found in such condition that service will be unsatisfactory to either party, and will cancel this agreement and refund unused portion.
It is mutually agreed that this agreement covers only the electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not include labor for duct work and flue pipe, heat exchangers, electrical or plumbing work or balancing beyond units, or any work required because of negligence, misuse of equipment or because of flood, acts of God, shortage of electrical or water supply, sabotage or damage caused by freezing.
Service calls due to the following reasons are not covered and will be charged at our regular rates; emergency switch off, breaker off, furnace door loose, public utility controls, or low thermostat batteries.
No service will be rendered under this agreement if a customer has a past due balance on their account.
Any unpaid balance automatically voids your service agreement and holder of agreement agrees to pay all legal fees associated with obtaining payments due JOE HURLEY INC.