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4 Common Furnace Repair and Maintenance Problems

Although current Joe Hurley customers have an understanding of the importance of ongoing furnace repair and maintenance, we try to keep in mind that our blogs are an educational source for new customers or those considering Joe Hurley. That’s why we periodically look at things like signs of furnace repair needs. This time, we look at 4 of the most common furnace problems.

#1: Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

There are two main reasons why your furnace blows cold air instead of warmed air. The primary reason is ignition failure. When your ignition fails, the system has no source of
heating energy. A simple way to reset your furnace ignition is to go to your thermostat and turn the central air system off. Wait for a while, then turn the system back on. This usually
restarts the entire process. Another possible reason for cold air is if there are air bubbles in the gas line, which also stalls proper ignition. For the sake of your safety and the health of the central air
system, enlisting in the help of your preferred HVAC contractor is a good idea when dealing with gas lines. The central air system is a complex system that uses gas, electricity and even water, so be sure to refrain from making any severe DIY alterations and quick fixes.

#2: The Furnace Leaks Water

Though the presence and/or collection of water are far more common and acceptable with air conditioning, it is not entirely abnormal for heating. Newer high efficiency furnaces produce water while heating. Today’s central air systems use drainpipes that lead to a predetermined exterior exit point to ensure proper water drainage. These are usually located around the foundation of the home or under a sink attached to the home’s drain system. Furnaces can leak water because Drain pipelines can become clogged with yard waste or other debris, which can cause the furnace to leak water. Other reasons could be a cracked hose inside of the furnace, the collector box or the heat exchanger. Cracked hoses leak water and compromise drain systems, imperative to the central air system’s
safe function. Leaky furnaces require immediate attention from your Joe Hurley furnace repair and maintenance specialist because persistent leaks can damage the home. Water pooling together can rot woodwork, ceilings, floors and even prompt microbiological growth if left unattended long enough.

#3: The Furnace Won’t Turn Off

Furnaces that will not turn off usually fail to do so because of electrical problems within the control system. Once again, this is a situation that is best left to your Joe Hurley specialists. They will come in, turn off the gas supply to stop feeding gas to the furnace and then inspect the system’s electrical components.

#4: Furnace is Loud when Running

There are several answers as to why your furnace may be uncharacteristically loud. When and if the burners are over-firing, they grow loud because the gas pressure is too high. In other circumstances, a failing motor creates noises commonly described as whiny vibrations. In newer high efficiency furnaces, the airflow is under greater restriction because the air filter has finer pores through which air can (or cannot) pass. To compensate for slower airflow, blowers tend to run higher and faster to overcome these restrictions, causing vocal sounds during air conditioning and heating. Older furnaces also tend to be more vocal but from different causes such as part weakening from age, dirty blower wheels, worn burners and weak gas valves among others. While you can spot some of these parts, it takes an expert inspection to know if it needs replacement. Heat pump split systems also carries the potential for noisy performance due to its design.

Joe Hurley furnace repair and maintenance specialists go out of their way to provide all of the answers that you will need on a potential project before they begin, so you understand the process and your system better. That’s because your knowledge makes it easier for you to be a partner in keeping your system at peak efficiency. If you live in Ocean, Monmouth or Mercer County, call Joe Hurley today at 732.660.1600.